Fall 2020 Construction Update

Fall 2020 Construction Update

Bridge Rehab to Finish this Fall

Fall 2020 – With most of the repairs completed to the eastbound side of the Grays Ferry Avenue Bridge over the Schuylkill River in Southwest Philadelphia, crews this fall will mill and pave the approaches on each side of the bridge, install new traffic signals on Grays Ferry Avenue at the bridge, and complete installation of protected bicycle lanes on both the eastbound and westbound side.

Eastbound paving is almost complete.

Over the past two construction seasons, PennDOT’s contractor has replaced the bridge’s expansion dams, which allow normal expansion and contraction of the bridge deck’s concrete slabs due to seasonal changes in temperature, repaired the bridge’s drainage system, and refurbished the bridge’s steel structural components.

In addition to bridge deck and superstructure repairs, crews also have repaired the concrete abutments and support columns underneath the bridge.

Crews refurbish the underside of the bridge.

PennDOT anticipates that a modular curb system with flexible delineator posts will be installed by the end of November 2020 on the westbound side of the Grays Ferry Avenue Bridge over the Schuylkill River.  This safety enhancement, which will complement the protected pedestrian/bicycling lane that will be installed later this summer on the eastbound side of the bridge, will make the boundary between the westbound bike lane and the adjacent vehicular traffic lane more visible to both drivers and bicyclists.

An example of a modular curb system with flexible delineators.

Once the final pavement overlay is applied to the eastbound bridge deck by early fall, the protected lane will connect directly with access to the Schuylkill River Trail that runs under the bridge.

Completion of “punch list” construction items will wrap-up the $13.3 million rehabilitation in late 2020.